National Early Intervention

Return on investment. Proof it works.

Intervention the moment an injury occurs is critical to controlling the direction a claim will take. Recognizing a complex claim early and implementing EI practices can minimize claim escalation and delays in appropriate initial treatment.

National Telephonic Case Management


Creating positive outcomes for injured workers and your bottom line

By establishing immediate contact, our telephonic case managers proactively assess injured workers’ medical needs, appropriate treatment options and coordinate recovery to pre‐injury employment.

Catastrophic Case Management



Complex, time‐sensitive and multi‐faceted expertise

An immediate on‐site response, thorough assessment and precise communications. Our CAT nurses obtain accurate diagnosis and treatment detail which are critical first steps in facilitation the best possible outcome for all parties.

Field Medical Case Management


Striking a balance between business and helping people

With a focused return‐to‐work plan, we achieve the goals of employers, insurance carriers and third party administrators by reducing disability durations and minimizing unnecessary treatment and overall claim costs.

Task Based Case Management

When what you need is time-limited and specific

Using field case managers for limited and purpose-driven assignments efficiently accomplishes specific goals towards advancing return-to-work and file closure

Vocational Case Management

Overcoming barriers to getting back to work

Our vocational counselors are uniquely equipped to assess each injured worker and their labor market, providing the help and tools necessary for reemployment.

Medical Cost Projections

Reviewing the past to plan for the future

Future cost projections and file reviews deliver critical information needed to identify potentially avoidable costs and to position claims for resolution. Restore can accurately evaluate your past to help forecast the future.