Early Intervention




Return on Investment.  Proof it works

Intervention the moment an injury occurs is critical to controlling the direction a claim will take.
Recognizing a complex claim early and implementing EI practices can minimize claim escalation and
delays in appropriate initial treatment.


  • Obtain data to provide a rapid initial assessment
  • Customized client specifications
  • Evaluate for red flags
  • Detect high‐risk claims early
  • Initiate a proactive and coordinated response
  • Monitor for appropriate treatment, compliance and utilization
  • Preserve injured worker morale by facilitating appropriate and timely medical care
  • Assist to return employees back to work, when medically appropriate

What we do

  • National coverage with competitive regional pricing
  • Three point contact by dedicated team, multi‐lingual case managers available †
  • Complete written medical assessment
  • Telephone consultation review/recommendations
  • Close
  • Continue TCM
  • Refer to FCM

Predictive Modeling ‐ MDA

  • Identify high‐risk claims early
  • Manage costs and resources
  • Predict days of disability
  • Benchmark for progress
  • Coordinate care appropriately
  • Prevent creeping claim escalation
  • Stabilize reserve setting

Proven results

  • $13 average cost savings for every dollar spent
  • 45% resolve within 30 days
  • 55% resolved on average within 74 days

†See locations for bilingual services

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