Field Medical Case Management



Striking a balance between business and helping people

With a focused return‐to‐work plan, we achieve the goals of employers, insurance carriers and third party administrators by reducing disability durations and minimizing unnecessary treatment and overall claim costs.


  • Meet with medical treatment and service providers in the field
  • Bilingual case managers available †
  • Evaluate and facilitate recommended treatment plans
  • Coordinate medical needs and resources
  • Monitor individual progress and results
  • Support injured worker in recovery, appropriate and timely medical care
  • Maintain complete and accurate documentation
  • Communicate with all parties on the case
  • Promote cost‐effective care by minimizing unnecessary treatment
  • Facilitate return to pre‐injury employment

What we do

  • Initial phone contacts with 24 hours, results documented with
    • Adjuster
    • Attorney (if applicable)
    • Employer
    • Injured worker
    • Medical Provider(s)
  • Conduct initial on‐site assessment with injured worker
  • Attend medical appointments
    • Document treatment plan, obtain RTW status
    • Immediate update provided
    • Coordinate next steps for treatment plan follow up
    • Utilize approved service providers
    • Employer contact to coordinate RTW FD
      • Assist with modified/transitional duty needs

    What we provide

    • Initial report within 14 day
    • Progress reports every 30 days (as requested)
    • Ongoing email and phone updates as needed and requested

    † See Locations for bilingual service areas

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