Medical Cost Projections



Reviewing the past to plan for the future

Future cost projections and file reviews deliver critical information needed to identify potentially avoidable costs and to position claims for resolution. Restore can accurately evaluate your past to help forecast the future.


  • Forecast medical costs and claim exposure
  • Summary review of chronological events
  • Prepare a claim to transfer to an excess carrier
  • Evaluate appropriateness and relatedness of treatment
  • Comprehensive tool for reserve setting
  • Important instrument used for settling purposes
  • Invaluable for mediation negotiations
  • Details future medical, prescription drug and durable medical equipment needs

What we do

  • Nurse review and analysis
    • Initial injury records
    • Past and current treatment documentation
    • Pre‐existing and co‐morbidities
  • Review for standards of care
  • Identify potential excess treatment that may exceed standards of care
  • Establish relatedness of treatment to occupational injury
  • Anticipate future medical treatment, durable medical and related medical costs

What we provide

  • Detailed chronological review
  • Summarized medical records
  • Analysis of appropriate medical services, equipment and prescription medications
  • Long or Short‐term cost calculation

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