Task Based Case Management



When what you need is time-limited and specific

Using field case managers for limited and purpose-driven assignments efficiently accomplishes specific goals towards advancing return-to-work and file closure


  • Accomplish specific tasks
  • Limit time and costs
  • Move cases forward without full field intervention

What we do

  • Medical appointment coverage – bilingual services available †
    • Anticipated MMI or Release to work
    • Therapy visit spot check
    • Hospital discharge home visit, pre or post
    • First appointment with new physician to establish treatment plan
    • Address treatment non-compliance with physician
    • Clarify unrelated injuries
    • Overcome barriers to physician/injured worker communications
  • Coordinate and attend IME/Second Opinion
  • Facilitate Initial Physical/Occupational therapy Evaluation
  • Set up Functional Capacity Evaluation, Work Hardening
  • Secure medical records and films
  • Job Analysis preparation
  • Return to Work site inspection
  • In Home Evaluation
  • Coordinate Workplace Ergo Evaluation
  • Employer Return to Work program development
  • Earning Capacity Evaluation
  • Crisis Desensitization †

Types of referrals

  • Medical Only and Lost Time
  • Short and Long-term disability
  • Third party claims – General Liability, Auto, Malpractice

† see Locations for service areas

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